1. downtown by the light of day.

    This is Austin. In all of its evening sun-drenched glory.


    I went out yesterday afternoon to meander around downtown, to take a bit of a tour, and take you along with me. And guess what—we got lucky. Is this not the warmest winter evening sunshine you’ve seen in a good while?

    Anyways, while the pictures might be about the wonderful light, this little story is about change, and how in just a few short years, Austin’s skyline has changed.


    The skyline used to only have tall buildings like this: modest, humble, less sky-scraping, more sky-caressing…with the stair-step sides.


    But starting with this gem: the Frost Tower, the skyline began to grow towards, well, the sky.

    Now all of those stair-stepped buildings are dwarfed by their newer neighbors.


    While I’m a little hesitant about the change—I tend to always be hesitant with change—I’ve thought about it, and I kind of like how the old beautifully intricate buildings mix with the modern sleek skyscrapers.


    Isn’t that very grown up of me? I thought so.


    Well actually, what really keeps me OK with all the change is that every few blocks you can still come across this: a tiny-town-Texas like thoroughfare. This one here just happens to be the infamous 6th street.

    And this: St. Mary Cathedral.



    And this: The Paramount Theatre.


    It’s these things that remind me no matter how much change happens, Austin will always have an old soul.

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